Why White November?

White November has extensive experience advising clients internationally, and we have been involved in transactions in virtually every corner of the world. From our offices in London, Malta and Cyprus we offer a wide range of services to both corporations and individuals. We provide advanced, tailor-made solutions with care and confidentiality.

Our multicultural staff speak a variety of languages, and have experience from across the globe. Our clients have access to the expertise of our professional staff no matter where in the world they are based.

At White November we pride ourselves on being one of the few providers of tax and corporate solutions who focus extensively on developing new technical solutions from our in-house IT department. Our clients have access to state-of-the-art web interfaces allowing easy and safe communication and storage of corporate data.

The White November Story

The name “White November” was inspired by the rare and valuable “white truffle” or “trifola d’Alba Madonna”. The white truffle is found almost exclusively in a small area in Northern Italy. Unlike black truffles, which can be farmed and harvested, white truffles must be hunted by intrepid truffle hunters and their sniffer dogs. As of yet, no one has worked out how to cultivate this unusual truffle, thus increasing its value and desirability.

November is the month in which truffle hunters set out with their dogs in hope of unearthing some of these rare commodities. White truffles have an extremely short season, making November an exciting and lucrative time of the year in the small area where they can be found.

Our name, White November, thus reflects an allegory: white truffles are like your tax solutions and investments – the most rewarding ones are unlikely to just cross your path without some help from experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable professionals.

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