Planning a Token Generation Event?

Raising capital through an ICO is a challenging process with many listing options and potential pitfalls. Therefore, from the onset it’s important you choose a partner that will provide support throughout your individual ICO lifecycle. White November has a wealth of experience in start-ups, business development and technology. Working logically with a Northern European business ethos, we understand what truly matters to entrepreneurs- time and value. Additionally, we are a commercially minded with knowledge in preparing an ICO within a restricted budget. We will guide you through the creation of a commercially efficient corporate structure with a compelling marketing story.


Some of our services for token clients:

  • Corporate structuring and formation services – providing substance for your investors
  • KYC, AML and compliance services to make sure that your event is compliant
  • Review of the commercial potential of your project
  • Review or redrafting of marketing materials to ensure investors believe and understand your project’s story
  • Provision of Advisory Board Members to help oversee and supervise the entire offering
  • Provision of Strategic Partnerships to provide substance and support
  • Online Marketing Services to refine the offering to the right audience
  • Legal Services to review your token prospectus and all contractual agreements
  • Tax services to optimise your revenue and profits
  • Exit strategy planning, including personal tax efficient residency options and estate planning


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Initial Coin Offering Services
Initial Coin Offering Services
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