As we already informed our website visitors, there are several consequences of Brexit for UK banks and Institutions. Further consequences might also apply to Funds.  According to both UCITS and Alternative Investor Funds (‘Funds’) a UK asset manager is currently able to market and distribute its Funds across the EU. Unfortunately, this may change due to “Brexit”, whereby Funds may be classified as ‘third country’ Funds and may no longer benefit from the possibility of pass porting.

During Investment Strategy Summit, which is going to be held on 21st March 2017 in London, following topics are going to be discussed:

  • “How “Brexit” has brought about the necessity to reshape the framework of cross-border activities.
  • Has Access to EU markets been taken for granted, thus far?
  • The potential new landscape of cross board transaction. 
  • Should the rule be re-written; what is the ideal framework for the UK fund industry?”

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