According to, 65% of the total card fraud represents online “card-no-present” transaction frauds due to the rise of e-commerce around the world.  However, OT has developed a ready-to-go solution for banks and financial institutions.

What does the solution include?

This solution basically includes a card issuance and the server that secures online transactions by shortening the validity of the cryptogram security code : MOTION CODE™. Dynamic Security Code cards feature a mini-screen on the back of the card. It displays the security code (a 3 or 4-digit code usually printed onto the back of a payment card) used for online purchases.
Furthermore this code is refreshed randomly and automatically every hour, even without the card-holders having to press any button or install any special plug-in on their internet browser. On the other hand, if the card data gets stolen, that card data becomes useless in the following hour.
Good news for E-merchants is, that the won’t have to modify their websites, because the cryptogram code generated by the card is used as a standard one, on existing payment pages without actually any need for extra button or pop-up window of any kind.
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