Consultancy services for every stage of your business lifecycle

Our consultancy services encompass a wide range of corporate structures and solutions to see you through every stage of your business lifecycle.

White November Consulting has been helping companies and individuals create wealth since 1999. Through our extensive experience, we have developed sophisticated, tailor-made solutions and corporate services to benefit a variety of clients from start-ups to multinational corporations.


Incorporation & Redomiciliation

The implementation of cross border corporate structures offers many benefits that allow our clients to maintain and enhance their revenue.

Our solutions are largely based on utilising the advantages provided by the current tax legislation in the EU member states Malta and Cyprus.

White November Corporate Services will help you decide on the most beneficial jurisdictions in which to incorporate your company. As residency will be determined by the country in which the company is managed and controlled, White November will develop the most efficient structure, and provide the necessary management and administration services for the jurisdiction.

Redomiciliation of a company registered in one jurisdiction is an effective method of transferring the ownership of assets and liabilities to another jurisdiction without transferring the assets and liabilities to another legal entity, which may create adverse tax consequences. White November can take care of any aspect of your company redomiciliation.

Compliance Services

Companies are subject to an increasingly complex number of compliance regulations and requirements; rules which are constantly evolving and shifting focus. Whether you require the creation of company regulatory manuals, an acting MLRO, an acting compliance officer, or general assistance with compliance, White November Corporate Services can manage all manner of compliance solutions.

From corporate and complex financial structures, to individual and single entity businesses, White November provides a wealth of experience and industry-leading knowledge tailored to each unique organisation and owner.

White November’s compliance specialists can offer your company solutions including:

  • Evaluation of current compliance policies and procedures
  • Provision of advice on the compliance function and, when appropriate, assistance with implementation of specific reporting systems and process requirements
  • Recommendations for improvements in structures, processes, and controls
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Creating new policies, procedures and processes, including internal controls
  • Provision of MLRO and Compliance Officer Services
  • Tax Compliance
  • VAT Compliance
  • Documentary services (certification of documents by a lawyer or accountant, certification of documents under Apostille, verification of documents, etc.)
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) Services
  • Company secretarial compliance services

Exit strategies

Exit strategies and solutions are developed when preparing for relocating a business to another country, selling a business, retiring, or planning inheritance.

Most countries apply some type of exit taxation, imposed as capital gains tax on a company’s assets and dividends. However, in its effort to promote free movement and establishment, the EU closely monitors its member states and their ways of imposing tax.

There are several options for a company considering exit strategies. Structuring ownership through a holding company before sale, restructuring the company within the same jurisdiction, relocation to another country that offers tax benefits, and considering retirement abroad are just some of the options that White November can help you to plan for and execute.

Registered Office/Agent

Companies registered in Malta, abiding by Maltese fiscal and statutory laws, require a level of expertise to ensure that they can follow all regulations satisfactorily.

White November’s experienced staff members will ensure that your company or fund’s statutory records and books are maintained correctly, that administrative requirements are met, that annual returns are filed, among many other services. We also provide:

  • Office space, to add a degree of substance to the operation of a company
  • The use of meeting rooms
  • Receptionist services, call answering, and local numbers
  • Human Resource Management
  • Interviewing
  • Website and branding
  • Financial incentives and local partnering
  • Umbrella licensing

Company Secretarial Services

Maltese companies are required to have a company secretary in compliance with the Companies Act 1995. The company secretary is then responsible for ensuring the company’s complete compliance with all statutory responsibilities.

White November Corporate Services can provide a competent and experienced company secretary for your entity to ensure that you are in total adherence with local laws and regulations.

Some responsibilities of the Company Secretary include:

  • Keeping minute books for general meetings of the company
  • Keeping minute books for meetings of the board of directors
  • Keeping the registrar of members
  • Keeping any other records required by the board of directors
  • Ensuring proper notice is given for all meetings
  • Ensuring that all returns and documents are prepared and delivered in accordance with the Companies Act
  • Providing technical advice on legal, financial and compliance matters
  • Filing of all statutory forms and ensuring certain company resolutions are filed with Registry of Companies


Directorship Services

In Malta, it is a requirement of the Companies Act that a company has at least one director appointed to the Board of Directors, this can be an individual or a corporate entity. All company directors are listed in the public registry.

White November provides directorship solutions for various businesses. We can supply both corporate and individual Directors, with hands on commercial and board room experience. We provide directors for companies registered in Malta, ensuring the company’s effective management and control, and providing full management and corporate administration services while acting as Directors.

Some responsibilities of a director include:

  • Ensuring that the Malta-based company operates in compliance with Maltese law and regulations such as Companies Act, the Income Tax Act and the Income Tax Management Act, and, Remote Gaming Regulations
  • Liaising with the local authorities – Inland Revenue, VAT, MFSA, Registry of companies
  • Procuring local secretarial, accounting and legal services for the company as necessary

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